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Nokia World 2010 – Nokia is Back

By Jess Gooch - 15/09/10

“Nokia is Back”, these were the words used by Niklas Savander, Nokia’s EVP markets to wrap up the opening keynote at Nokia World 2010, and set the tone for the next two days.

More than 3,000 people packed into the ICC ExCel London centre in the Docklands yesterday evening local time to hear Nokia executives outline their vision for the next 12 months. We joined the event live via webcast.

Savander (picutred) opened Nokia World 2010 with a message from newly appointed CEO Stephen Elop and also thanked Ollie-Pekka Kallasvuo, former CEO for his many contributions over an incredible 30 year career.

He then went on to acknowledge that there was a lot of hard work ahead of the company.

“Nokia is in the middle of a tough and challenging transition and there is a lot more work to do,” he said.

Savander confirmed that Nokia would remain committed to its multi-device strategy, “We know that just one device will not satisfy all Nokia people. One model will inevitably lead to compromises, even at the high-end. We will continue to offer a variety of devices to meet different needs, tastes and budgets,” Savander said.

Savander also reaffirmed Nokia’s leadership position in the smartphone market, “260,000 Nokia smartphones are sold everyday. That is more smartphone sales than any other company by far,” he said. “Symbian remains the world’s top smartphone platform; it continues to hold its own with just over 40 per cent of the market.”

The new Symbian platform will play a central role in Nokia’s smartphone leadership and marks the transition of the platform from legacy to leading edge.

According to Savander, “Nokia aims to ship more than 50 million new Symbian handsets. This starts with the N8 with 100 operators in dozens of countries already signed up.”

There was lots of energy on stage. Savander didn’t shy away from drawing a line in the sand about what he sees as Nokia’s big differentiators in the market.

Talking about the style, innovation, good value and performance of Nokia smartphones, Savander took the opportunity to have a laugh with the audience saying, “They perform no matter how you hold them.”

While the new Symbian handsets will feature in many of the news stories and conversations out of Nokia World over the next two days, it was interesting to hear Savander provide some more insight into Nokia’s vision for Ovi Maps and navigation on mobile devices.

“By 2013 more than 800 million people will be using GPS enabled devices and services. Soon everything on the internet will have a location coordinate,” he said.

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s EVP of mobile solutions took the stage after Savander and, with a booming voice and bullish approach, introduced us to the new Symbian family: the N8, C6, C7 and E7.

There is too much good stuff in each of these handsets to rattle through here and do it justice, so check out the data sheets and pics – they definitely hit the mark from a style perspective.

As for the second day of Nokia World, there is a lot more to come. Today’s key notes are from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and Mary McDowell Nokia’s EVP mobile phones.

We were told by Savander, however, that no MeeGo product launches will come out of this Nokia World, but we can expect more news on that front before the end of the year.

You can view Day Two keynotes live via the Nokia World website:

The webcast starts at 6pm AEST standard time today, Wednesday 15th September.

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